Plenary Speakers

Prof. Alexandra BERTRON

The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (INSA Toulouse), France

Tentative Topic: The behaviour of SCM and low-CO2 binders and systems in sewer networks


CINVESTAV Saltillo, Mexico

Tentative Topic: Novel alkali activated binders based on precursors of limestone and recycled pulverized concrete

Prof. Paolo GARDONI

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, United States

Tentative Topic: Sustainability and resilience of large-scale concrete bridge infrastructure systems

Prof. Ippei MARUYAMA

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Tentative Topic: Performance evaluation of concrete under specific conditions for nuclear reactor buildings

Prof. Robert MELCHERS

The University of Newcastle, Australia

Tentative Topic: Resilience of reinforced concrete structures in corrosive conditions

Prof. Lisbeth M. OTTOSEN

Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark

Tentative Topic: Reuse of structural concrete components in new buildings

Prof. Stefano PAMPANIN

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Tentative Topic: Designing precast concrete structures for earthquake resistance - Past, present, and future

Prof. Giovanni PLIZZARI

University of Brescia, Italy

Tentative Topic: Structural repair of tunnel segments


IIT Madras, India

Tentative Topic: Sulphate Attack: After 20 years of 'whither'ing

Prof. David TREJO

Oregon State University, United States

Tentative Topic: Estimation of service life of concrete structures - challenges and way forward